The Spirit of Misadventure.

 Inspired by the endeavors of the Space Race, Cosmonaut serves as a symbol of curiosity & exploration. Crafted from some of the finest fabric in the Universe, we've bridged the gap between durability & comfort. With primarily U.S.A. made apparel & several hand-sewn items, Cosmonaut offers a made-at-home vibe for the on-the-road explorer.

We're a band of misadventurers designing comfortably rugged apparel & by cataloguing our own (sometimes gone awry) travels we hope to inspire you to embark on some of your own. Not every misadventure ends how we plan, but that's half the beauty.  Our Art Gallery is a free platform for underrated Artists & our Stargazing Calendar is a handy guide created for the astrophotographer or casual sky watcher. In an age where the highest quality gear now costs an arm & a leg, we've designed an affordable product worth more than it costs.     Crafted by misadventurers, for misadventurers.

...the invasion is here...